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“We were looking for an easy and secure way to shed our expensive products.
Gridbox is an easy and fast solution. I can now leave my products behind with peace of mind!

Piet Dijkmans, Geel, Belgium


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Your own Gridbox, via SMS, in 3 easy steps!

Book your Gridbox by texting "start<SPACE>location-id" to +32(0)460/20.10.66! You can find the location-id on top of the Gridboxes at the corresponding location.

As soon as you get back to the location you can take back your product by texting "stop<SPACE>gridbox-id" to +32(0)460/20.10.66. The Gridbox will open and your account will be closed.



You will receive a confirmation message with the id of the Gridbox that was allocated to you while the Gridbox is opening. Position your product in the Gridbox and step outside. The Gridbox will automatically close within 15 seconds of non-activity!

With the mobile app for Android* you can locate Gridboxes in your neighbourhood more easily, as well as navigating to them and book them.

The app will also provide additional features for your peace of mind while using the Gridbox!

* iOS en Android available 

Or download the app!

A correct price!

Peace of mind!

Your Gridbox is a box conceived of solid metal panels with mounts solely on the inside. There are no external buttons, nor external visibility of the contents. Only you can access it. All ingredients for your peace of mind!


Why Gridbox?

On the inside of your Gridbox there are also power-sockets available so that you can recharge your products while you are away!

Gridbox has the necessary software so that cities, companies, individuals can charge their users if necessary.


While the Gridbox is allocated to you there is also the possibility to open and close the Gridbox without closing your account. This can be achieved with the mobile app, but also by SMS

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